Charles Eames

“Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world.”

Philip Karlberg

Still photography by Philip Karlberg.

Via: Mink Mgmt

Extendable table

I usually don’t like extendable tables, they are just one of those things that’s not good either way. But today, after staring on onlyfurnitures for a good 20 mins, I discovered this extendable table design by Julien Vidame. Umm… perhaps they can be good both ways.

Bernard Reyboz

I was thrilled to spot the stunning sculptures by Bernard Reyboz on Azurebumble. These top two images are from his Pebbles Series, poetic explorations of form, texture and harmony. The bottom two images belong to his Tripodes Series, a primitive divine study of figures. The video capturing his moving sculptures is both sensual and evoking. Enjoy!



The one that got away

I confess, I have a soft spot for mid-century furniture. But as all vintage treasure hunters would know, the best ones are always the ones that got sold. Here is an example, I’ve been obsessively looking for this Garth Chester magazine rack from the first day I saw it on our friends’ Mr.Bigglesworthy website. What a beauty!

The Whisk Print

This print by Marc Johns on Society 6 had me choking on my cereal this morning…

NZ Born

Here in New Zealand, we are blessed with some super talented designers. Recent furniture shopping for our house has forced me to boil them down to a list of my very favourites. To begin with:

The Adjutant Table by Nathan Goldsworthy

L Dinning Table by David Moreland

Framed Armchair by David Moreland

Studio Chairs and Stools by Jason Whiteley for Resident

Tangerine Stackable Chairs by Simon James

Spar Light by Jamie McLellan for Resident

Twig Coat Stand by Jamie McLellan for Fletcher Systems

Waters sculptures

“I wanted to capture these beautiful impermanent water sculptures by photographing them in the exact moment, when the essence of their existence is pure.” Shinichi Maruyama


Rekindle continues…

A while back we discovered Rekindle, a social enterprise with a mission to make a difference in the wastewood treatment. Now many months have passed, and the passion is still firing, with more helping hands. Go Rekindle!

Documentary by Ash Robinson 


We made a little app

We wanted to learn about app development, so we made a simple iPhone app. It’s called On | Off and it combines a torch, night clock and night light in an unobtrusive way. You can find it in the App Store.