We made a little app

We wanted to learn about app development, so we made a simple iPhone app. It’s called On | Off and it combines a torch, night clock and night light in an unobtrusive way. You can find it in the App Store.


Ta da! Ladies and Gentlemen, our tpot.tv is alive! Oh yeah!

For ages we have been wanting to make a video web app that enables us busy intelligent people to skip Justin Bieber’s music videos and go straight into some quality stuff. The idea was simple, a web app, optimised for iPads, without the need for navigation tutorials. And now here is what we have: tpot.tv.

tpot.tv contains only watchworthy videos that we come across on youtube, vimeo or other awesome blogs. It works on computers (sorry IE users, the world has left you, so we had to too) iPads, iPhones and iPod touches. It has the simplest interface we can think of, and it works like magic. tpot.tv is in beta testing at the moment, and we are working on building great contents in the coming weeks, so we’d love to hear what you think of it, you can email us at teamaster@tpot.tv. Or catch us on Twitter to see what we have for you.

NZ Best

It’s now an exciting time of year here in New Zealand. The Best Design Awards just announced their finalists yesterday. Ohlala! A tiny little island bursting with talents. Kiwis, you make me proud!

P.S. Click on the images to see more about the design work. And there is heaps more great stuff on the awards website, so make sure to have a look.

P.P.S. Thanks Best Design Awards for having a great website showcase of all the design works.

IPad magazine: Object 60

If you have an iPad then you should definitely check out Object magazine 60 from Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design. The current edition was the final ‘hard copy’ of the magazine and the very first Object digital edition, and it’s stunning. It has everything you’d expect from a digital magazine: voice narratives, interviews, video showcases. And it’s all done in style. The only negative is that instead of delivering fresh content daily, it follows the traditional magazine format with updates every few months. But still, I can’t wait for the new edition, out in September.

iPhone and iPad apps for designers: Productivity

Cubits by Distrust Simplicity


iTrack by Berndt & Adam GmbH

Analog Digital Clock by Maarten Baas


I have been using these wonderful apps for some time now. They have greatly improved my work experience and productivity. Having dug down to the core of the iTunes store like a mad person to find them, I thought the only way to dignify all the time I spent is by sharing my finds with everybody. Here are the first three for today :)

Cubits is by far one of the best finds. You no longer need to carry your chunky laptop or print out loads of A3 papers to demonstrate a product. Simply export the design from Google SketchUp to a KMZ file and send to your email or to Dropbox, open it up in Cubits, and job done. Just like in SketchUp, you can pan, rotate, and zoom the design however you want, and it works the same on your iPhone as well.

iTrack is especially useful for freelancers. It helps you to track the time spent on each project and focus on your deadline. It also calculates a summary for you and exports the data as a CSV file. It has some minor bugs, but I still picked it over other time management apps, because it has a cleaner UI (life is too short to use anything ugly, no matter how great it works!). It runs quietly in the background even when you are running other apps, and again, it’s a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

Analog Digital Clock is one of those apps that makes you appreciate the uniqueness of what iGadgets offer. Without iGadgets, you will need to go to an art gallery to see Maaten Baas’ “real time” clocks series. I never get tired of watching that little person with a paint bucket behind the clock busy changing the digits for me. A truly beautiful app that works on both iPhone and iPad.

Bla Bla Bla

Nothing like your ordinary app,  Bla Bla Bla is a sound reactive application for iPhone and iPad. Created by Lorenzo Bravi, it features intriguing and original graphics that react, well, interestingly with sound. You can download it for free from app store, check out the video for a sneak peak :)