Philip Karlberg

Still photography by Philip Karlberg.

Via: Mink Mgmt

Not your average family portraits

Photographer Jason Lee takes these awesome photos of his kids, and they look like the happiest kids in the world. These are all the more special because the inspiration was to share photos of his kids growing up with his mother who had cancer.

Via Moiety

Bicycle Portraits

Funded through Kickstarter, Bicycle Portraits features 162 South African cyclists and their bicycles collected over two years. It’s a fascinating look into cycling culture in Africa. I like how people’s bikes reflect their personality and how people adapt to the constraints that they face.

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Absolutely loving the amazing fashion shots of Akif Hakan Celebi (note you might see some naked boobs). Hong Kong is the perfect backdrop for his creations. What a wicked colour treatment! There’s more of his work on 500px.