Extendable table

I usually don’t like extendable tables, they are just one of those things that’s not good either way. But today, after staring on onlyfurnitures for a good 20 mins, I discovered this extendable table design by Julien Vidame. Umm… perhaps they can be good both ways.

NZ Born

Here in New Zealand, we are blessed with some super talented designers. Recent furniture shopping for our house has forced me to boil them down to a list of my very favourites. To begin with:

The Adjutant Table by Nathan Goldsworthy

L Dinning Table by David Moreland

Framed Armchair by David Moreland

Studio Chairs and Stools by Jason Whiteley for Resident

Tangerine Stackable Chairs by Simon James

Spar Light by Jamie McLellan for Resident

Twig Coat Stand by Jamie McLellan for Fletcher Systems

Wastewood Rekindle

Our very own New Zealand company Rekindle is doing something outstanding with waste wood. Those fabulous dining chairs are made out of recycled wood from demolished old villas. By turning waste wood into fabulous designs, the company is aiming to support communities to utilise their wood waste fully and in doing so, transforming the waste (in this case, Christchurch earthquake damage) into high value objects. Bravo!

Norwegian Wood

Is it just me? Every time when I hear the phrase Norwegian Wood, I get this instant romantic/nostalgic feel. The song, the book, the movie (perhaps not the movie). Anyway, now here is the real deal. Designed by Krosser from Norway, these stumps named Årringene (growth rings) are 100% pure Norwegian wood. They can be ordered in heights up to 60 cm, in white, black, light gray and dark gray. They are simple and clean, wonderfully characteristic and decorative, and should I add, romantic and nostalgic too?

Via: 78 ideas


Can I take your coat my deer? Powder coated coat hanger Antlers designed by Alexander Taylor. How cute!

Outline Chair

Just spotted this Outline Chair on Behance. Designed by Michael Samoriz, not so sure about how comfy they might be, but they surely look amazing.

Pow Pow Chair

Marius Myking‘s Pow Pow Chair is such an interesting piece of furniture!

…loosely inspired by the  famous Brooklyn based electronica band LCD Soundsystem and their song – “pow pow”. This public seating area chair was designed  with a clear materialistic approach dealing with a powder coated “inside” and an mirror polished “outside” reflecting its environment, all made out of one aluminum sheet.


Inspired by old Danish sewing tables, designed by Holm Giessler and Jennifer Heimann. Poki is a collection of wallmounted and stand-alone drawer furniture that plays with the contrast between material and colors. Beautifully eye catching aren’t they?

Via: mocoloco

Play with relation’sheep’

So cute and interesting. Korean designer Shawn Soh‘s sheep stools look brilliant alone or together. Perfect for the kids room or any room that needs a touch of warmth. Want one? Click here :)

Hozuki stool and chair

The perfectly geometrically balanced shape makes the Hozuki Stool and Hozuki Chair look ever so inviting. Designed by Keiji Yoshinaga, and available in Beech, Ash, Oak, Maple, Walnut and Black Cherry. Made to order from Pour Annick‘s Rakuten Store.